About Us

UMODEST is an online modest fashion brand. It was created through a woman’s struggle to
find an outfit that suited her lifestyle. As someone who dressed modestly, and also loved the outdoors, and keeping fit, intertwined with a keen eye for fashion, that incorporated all of these things was impossible to find.
So she decided to design her own.

“Modesty is more than just a hemline, it is an interior disposition that influences not only our dress, but our thoughts and actions.”

We believe that modesty is not just a trend, it is a way of life. We know modesty shouldn’t compromise fashion, and fashion shouldn’t compromise modesty. With this belief we create our designs in the perfect blend of trending styles and modest cuts inspired by luxury fashion houses, leaving you feeling beautiful, comfortable, and empowered for every event in life. We create easy-to-wear pieces to help provide intimacy and comfort for every woman in her daily life.

We appreciate that each woman is different, incorporates a sense of what she feels comfortable in, but doesn’t want to compromise on looking and feeling good, whether hanging out, visiting work or in her daily outings. UMODEST looks to reflect the beliefs and values of girls from all walks of life. We aspire for designs that are appropriate-purpose and also modest. We work very closely with our tailors ensuring high-quality tailoring and natural fabrics to exemplify beauty and gracefulness.

Our Store

8212 E. Glen Creek Street
Orchard Park,
NY 14127
Email: hello@fuelthemes.net


Instead of buying six things, one that
you really like. Dont keep


Store Hours

Monday–Saturday 11am–7pm ET
Sunday 11am–6pm ET

Phone: +1 909969 0383