Privacy Policy

Privacy policy agreement

  1. We are not targeting the personal information of a specific person; however, personal information is collected from users who would like to use Website or relevant internet pages (including, but not limited to, purchasing goods or when you contact our users support center team whether by phone calls or via e-mails). Once you provide us with your personal information, you authorize us to process your information in accordance with the terms and conditions of (Privacy Policy).
  2. We may modify the (Privacy Policy) at any time and such modification shall be declared through publishing the modified agreement on the website. The modified (Privacy Policy) shall enter into force as from the date of its publication
  3. If you continued using the website in the wake of publishing the modified agreement, it shall as such reflect your commitment to the terms and conditions provided for in the modified agreement, which determines how we process your personal information which you’re presented to us. Please refer to Management advertisements relevant to this (Privacy Policy) from time to time.

Privacy policy covers the following activities practiced by us

  1. Collect and maintain your personal information provided, presented to us or modified by you, or any other piece of information which you used while dealing with us
  2. Use, review, and modify your personal information as required
  3. Use, access, surf and modify your personal information
  4. Use communication means with a third party on the internet
  5. Link your Internet browsers installed on your personal computer
  6. No e-spams or junks
  7. Protection of your personal information

Collect and maintain your personal information provided, presented by us, or modified
by you, or any other piece of information which you used while dealing with us

  1. As part of your registration to the website, you shall be required to provide certain personal information, such as your name, mail address, e-mail or/and your phone number and others as well as some extra information as your date of birth or any other identifiable information. In addition, we may, in order to document your identification, ask you to provide us with effective identification evidence (such as a copy of your passport, visa, residence permit, national identification card and/or driving license).
  2. We may also need to collect certain financial information from you, such as your credit card and/or your banking account data to be entered into your account information on the website. Such financial information shall be used for billing purposes and completing your executed transactions on the website.
  3. After your registration on the website, you shall not publish any personal information (including any financial information) on any part of the website, except “Account Management” part which is liable for protecting your identification information against theft or fraud. Moreover, publishing certain personal information on any part of the website, except “My account” violates this agreement and may result in taking a procedure against your membership on the website.
  4. Your operations and your activities on the website will be recorded of whether a purchase or sale or display of goods, or withdraw funds or deposit funds or other activities on the website.
  5. Please note that we may use your IP address (IP), which a unique number is given to you by the Internet service provider (ISP), in order to analyze the patterns of your activities practiced on the website, thus improving your administration on the website.
  6. We may also collect further information about/from you in other ways, not mentioned herein in details, such as recording your phone calls with Users Care Center staff or through your answers on our questionnaires. We may also collect information for survey purposes, and in this case such information is anonymously collected.

Use your personal information

  1. We only use your personal information to ensure the provision of the highest level of services and support to our customers; evaluate and improve our service level, prevent illegal practices; remove obstructions; collect fees; provide you with promotional e-mails and document the information presented to us by you through a third party. Thus, we may, for instance, share some of your personal information with banks and credit cards agents to process and document services with a third party for the purpose of increasing safety level.
  2. Despite our carefulness to maintain your privacy, we may need to disclose your personal information to law enforcement agencies, government agencies or third parties be obliged to do so on the orders of the court or other legal departments, to be committed to the terms of the law, when we believe that disclosure of personal information may protect against physical harm or financial loss, or providing information about suspicious activity or to investigate the possibility of a violation of the terms and conditions of the User Agreement.
  3. If, any of its affiliates, or trading assets is sold, we may disclose your personal information to the potential buyer for the purposes of continuing website activities,
  4. In addition to the information related to purchased goods or about auctions in which you participate on the website, including information about user’s identification, questionnaires in which you participated and your notes about the website.
  5. We do not sell or lease to a third party any part of your personal information within the framework of our regular trading practices. Yet, we may share (your personal information only) with a third party or any of the companies which affiliate to owners and founders in accordance with this (Privacy Policy).
  6. By your registration in the website, you explicitly authorize us to provide you with promotional e-mails about our services and any changes or new features introduced into the website. If you do not agree on receiving such e-mails, you shall only choose the relevant link, provided at the end of each e-mail, to stop receiving such e-mails.

Use, access, surf and modify your personal information

  1. You may access to and review your personal information through your “Personal Page” on the website.
  2. If your personal information is subject to a change, of any nature, or in case you presented incorrect information on the website, you shall promptly update or correct the same, whether through reviewing your “Personal Page” or through contacting Customers Service team.
  3. Please be informed that we keep your personal information during and after using the website, as legally required, in order to overcome technical obstructions, prevent fraud, provide assistance in any legal investigation or take any procedures stipulated by law.

Provide links with a third party website

  1. The website may contain links with other websites. Please be informed that we are not responsible for safety and security level or procedures followed by other websites.
  2. We call upon you to read the (Privacy Policy) of other websites, when you decide to move into such websites whenever you intend to provide them with your personal information.
  3. Our (Privacy Policy) only applies to your personal information that we collected on our website.

No E- spam s or spoofs

We do seriously deal with spoofs. You can inform the website about any spoofs or spams through sending an e-mail to If you use our contacts to send spoofs or spams that may harm us, it will result in breaching User’s Agreement terms and conditions. We inspect our messages electronically. We may further use manual filtration to find out any spoofs, viruses, demagogues attacks, trapping activities or any other illegal practices.

Link your internet browsers installed on your personal computer

  1. Like many other websites, our website use cookies small software files installed on your computer hard, so that when you visit certain internet pages on the website, the cookie will be able to identify your browser through a random and unique number.
  2. In addition, Cookies records that we use do not display any personal information. Such records only help us improve your performance on the website and determine the most used parts of it. Thus, it is your absolute choice to cancel such records if the same is available on your browser; however, such choice may stop you from using the website.

Protection of your personal information

  1. We keep your personal information (within Privacy Policy) in e-files. When you provide us with your personal information, you claim our responsibility for maintaining such information. As such, we take every precautionary measure to keep your information; and prevent displaying, using or accessing information by irresponsible parties.
  2. In general, the internet is unsafe means and we do not ensure the confidentiality of your personal information. So, you shall be required to enter your user name and password every time you log in your account to complete a transaction on the website. Choose your password carefully by selecting distinct numbers and special letters. Do not display your user name or password to a third party. If you doubt that your user name and password are detected, contact website support team immediately to change them.